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This easy-to-read primer shows how to play the many versions of bingo and gives an inside look at how to win money at this immensely popular game.

The Basics of Winning Bingo  Price
: $6.99 now $4.95 


This is still the best over-all book available about Bingo, the game, it's history and origin, the odds and how to play. Written by Roger Snowden, president and founder of the Bingo Bugle.

Gm. Times Guide to Bingo   Price
: $12.95 now $6.95 


Once in a while a book comes along that REALLY produces positive results. "The Art of Playing Bingo and Winning Consistently" was written especially for the Bingo Player who is serious about winning - and WINNING CONSISTENTLY

Playing Bingo and Winning  Price: $12.00 now $9.99 


Interesting book describes the methods of cheating within the game of bingo.

Bingo: Your Real Odds       Price: $9.95


Pretty straight forward.

The Bingo Trap : The Bingo Addict's Bible 
Price: $33.95 now $27.95


The Aruba Publishing Bingo Directory contains accurate listings for thousands of Bingo Halls across the United States and Canada.

Yell. Pg of Bingo Halls     
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All the basics...

The Basics of Bingo (Basics Series)  Price: $4.95 now $2.95